Sponsor our Derby County community

Our community is growing at a phenomenal rate with more followers than we ever expected.

The loyal following on @derbycounty is evidence of the amazing support for Derby County through Twitter, proof the fans are with the club through the good times and the bad.

As we continue to serve the community with our regular commentary on match days and continued banter during the week and break, we give up a lot of time and effort, mostly for the love of Derby County.

That said, we always looking for support from the community.

If you're a keen Derby County fan and willing to contribute to the running of our fan-based setup, sponsorships are hugely welcomed.

Donate anything from £1 towards the @derbycounty kitty with Flattr or PayPal.

The small payments will contribute towards the travel and internet usage updating Twitter and go straight to the commentators.

Corporate Sponsors

Additional to this, we're also available to promote local businesses relevant to the Derby County fans.

If your company want to sponsor the @derbycounty commentary team, in return we will promote your product or business to the fans with a tweet.

You can advertise on a match-by-match basis, monthly or for the entire season.

Get in touch by Twitter or email [email protected] with some basic details of your company and we'll get back to you with costs.